What is TopAudio?

Welcome to Top Audio Store — where your creative vision meets our sonic excellence. Dive into a world curated by Sergio Prosvirini and Nick Ferra — with over a decade immersed in the rhythms of the music industry. We're not just platform creators; we're artists and content maestros ourselves. This gives us an unspoken sync with what you, our vibrant community of creators, truly desire. Our compositions have echoed in campaigns for global giants like Fanta, Coca-Cola, and Samsung, and resonated in content by renowned bloggers such as Dr. Berg. Under the banner of "Top Flow Production", our craft has garnered trust and accolades across the media spectrum. At Top Audio Store, it's not just about offering music. It's about serving up the freshest, top-tier tracks tailored for a diverse range of narratives — be it sports, travel, lifestyle ambiance, or academic undertones. Our ever-evolving library, with its finger on the pulse of current trends, stands as the go-to haven for contemporary creators

About Us:

Sergio Prosvirini

Is the heartbeat of Top Audio Store. With over a decade of experience crafting music tailored for a diverse clientele, Sergio has a unique touch that transforms every track from just a composition to a masterpiece. His portfolio boasts collaborations with global giants such as Coca-Cola, Fanta, and Samsung.

Nick Fera

Is the creative genius and visionary behind our team. Not only does he bring forth an artistic vision to the audience, but he also masters the orchestration and management of various events. As a saxophonist and DJ, Nick infuses our music with a distinctive flair, blending classic instruments with contemporary beats. His musical creation and performance journey also spans over ten years